What is SegaSonic the Hedgehog?

SegaSonic the Hedgehog is an Arcade game developed by Sega AM3 and released in Japan in June 1993. This game is the first arcade title for Sonic the Hedgehog, hence why it's called 'SegaSonic'.

There was also a limited Western release, with a few cabinets still existing to this day! On top of that, there is also leftover data in the game for a planned English Localization, complete with a SATAM Robotnik Sprite and English translated text having two versions, one with "Robotnik" and one with "Eggman".

SegaSonic is a unique game where the player controls Sonic & co. with a trackball rather than a traditional arcade stick. Players can move in any 9 directions smoothly by rolling the trackball in a direction, with the characters turning almost immediately. Along with the trackball there is a single button that can be pressed to jump. SegaSonic is presented in an isometric view rather than top down or the traditional 2D like in the Genesis game(s).

image from sonicthehedgeblog on tumblr

Players are also able to collect rings, with a bonus being awarded if a percentage of the stages rings are collected.

For a further deep dive and more technical analysis into SegaSonic the Hedgehog and it's other revisions, check out SUDDEN DESU's website!


image from sonicthehedgeblog on tumblr

Sonic, Mighty, and Ray are chased by Dr. Eggman in his tank vehicle until they are eventually caught and taken to Eggman Island. The three team up to escape the island together, with Dr. Eggman activating various traps and hazards on the island to stop them.

Playable Characters

Sonic the Hedgehog
(VA: Takeshi Kusao)

Mighty the Armadillo
(VA: Yuusuke Numata)

Ray the Flying Squirrel
(VA: Hinako Yoshino)

SegaSonic the Hedgehog debuts Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel, 2 new characters created specifically for this arcade title.

Mighty would make a later appearance in Chaotix on the 32X. While Ray, wouldn't have another game appearance aside from this one during the years. Finally the two would return as playable characters in Sonic Mania's "Plus" dlc in 2018.

Despite not having many game appearances, Mighty and Ray had frequent appearances in the Archie comics. Pre-Super Genesis Wave had both Mighty and Ray as members of The Chaotix, and were considered adopted siblings. Post-Super Genesis Wave Mighty and Ray were wanderers, currently residing in Rocky Jungle Zone, which is located near the Mystic Ruins.

Currently, the duo appear in IDW's Classic-era comics. They've appeared in both Sonic and Amy's 30th Anniversary Comic Specials, always seen together training or travelling together.


SegaSonic the Hegedehog features 7 stages. Each stage features different obstacles and hazards, from burning fire traps, crumbling floors, slippery ice, and even chase sequences down spike filled hallways!

Prepare yourself for the
terrors of this island!

image from sonicthehedgeblog | translation referenced from nintendocomplete on yt

Volcanic Vault

The first stage of SegaSonic the Hedgehog. Shows you what to expect on Eggman Island with burning lava, collapsing bridges, and rings hidden inside walls!

Icy Isle

Giant icicles will follow behind you throughout the stage as you slide across the slippery ice, be careful not to fall off!

Desert Dodge

Sand tornadoes chase you through the dusty desert, but that's not the only thing to watch out for! There are also tons of quicksand pits with beetle-like robots ready to drag you under the sand should you fall in.

Trap Tower

The first of two tower gauntlets. Large metal cylinders will chase you down narrow corridors as various traps will spring up to catch you off guard!

Landslide Limbo

Run through the steep canyon as the ground crumbles under you. But don't run too fast or you'll miss the right path or even worse, walk into the wrong one!

Wild Water Way

An underwater level with robot clams ready to snap at you if you get too close. Ride up the rushing rivers to finally make it to Eggman's Tower!

Eggman's Tower

The second tower gauntlet and the final stage of SegaSonic the Hedgehog. Confront Eggman and settle this once and for all and make it off Eggman Island!